Use Case Examples

Below are use case examples where LLMs were used in research workflows. You can use the Search option to find examples from your discipline, or for specific workflow applications you may be considering.

TitleType of ResourceDescription of ResourceLink to ResourceOpen ScienceUse of LLMResearch Discipline(s)
Generative AI Can Supercharge Your Academic Research Discussion Article, Use Case Example Conducting relevant scholarly research can be a struggle. Educators must employ innovative research methods, carefully analyze complex data, and then master the art of writing clearly, all while keeping the interest of a broad audience in mind. Generative AI is revolutionizing this sometimes tedious aspect of academia by providing sophisticated tools to help educators navigate and elevate their research. But there are concerns, too. AI’s capabilities are rapidly expanding into areas that were once considered exclusive to humans, like creativity and ingenuity. This could lead to improved productivity, but it also raises questions about originality, data manipulation, and credibility in research. With a simple prompt, AI can easily generate falsified datasets, mimic others’ research, and avoid plagiarism detection. [4 how to tutorials follow] Open Source Other Other
14 Examples of How LLMs Can Transform Materials Science and Chemistry: A Reflection on a Large Language Model Hackathon Use Case Example Large-language models (LLMs) such as GPT-4 caught the interest of many scientists. Recent studies suggested that these models could be useful in chemistry and materials science. To explore these possibilities, we organized a hackathon. This article chronicles the projects built as part of this hackathon. Participants employed LLMs for various applications, including predicting properties of molecules and materials, designing novel interfaces for tools, extracting knowledge from unstructured data, and developing new educational applications. The diverse topics and the fact that working prototypes could be generated in less than two days highlight that LLMs will profoundly impact the future of our fields. The rich collection of ideas and projects also indicates that the applications of LLMs are not limited to materials science and chemistry but offer potential benefits to a wide range of scientific disciplines. Preprint Other Chemistry, Engineering
Questions of science: chatting with ChatGPT about complex systems Research Article, Use Case Example We present an overview of the complex systems field using ChatGPT as a representation of the community's understanding. ChatGPT has learned language patterns and styles from a large dataset of internet texts, allowing it to provide answers that reflect common opinions, ideas, and language patterns found in the community. Our exploration covers both teaching and learning, and research topics. We recognize the value of ChatGPT as a source for the community's ideas. Preprint Data Collection Other