Useful LLM Documentation

Resources on useful LLM document for inclusion in scientific workflows.

TitleType of ResourceDescription of ResourceLink to ResourceOpen ScienceUse of LLMResearch Discipline(s)
OpenAI Cookbook Documentation, Tutorial w/ Code The OpenAI Cookbook shares example code for accomplishing common tasks with the OpenAI API. To run these examples, you'll need an OpenAI account and associated API key (create a free account). Most code examples are written in Python, though the concepts can be applied in any language. Open Source, Open Code
OpenAI API Documentation Documentation The OpenAI API can be applied to virtually any task that involves understanding or generating natural language, code, or images. We offer a spectrum of models with different levels of power suitable for different tasks, as well as the ability to fine-tune your own custom models. These models can be used for everything from content generation to semantic search and classification. Open Source
LangChain Library Documentation Documentation LangChain is a framework for developing applications powered by language models. We believe that the most powerful and differentiated applications will not only call out to a language model via an API, but will also: Be data-aware: connect a language model to other sources of data Be agentic: allow a language model to interact with its environment The LangChain framework is designed with the above principles in mind. Open Source